Carburetors AMAL - 1949 Ė 1953

Amal - Type 6, Model 29

ID #

Indian Arrow
Models 149,150


Indian Scout
Models 249, 250

Amal 275XX

Indian Warrior /Warrior TT
1950- 1951
Model ?

Amal 276ES

Indian Chief
 Models 352 & 353

Amal 289R

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British designed and built Type 6 (early)  Amal Carburetors where used on some Chiefs '52-53 (Police excluded),
Vertical Scouts and Warriors from 1949 to 51 (I think!). Note the 3 bolt linkert manifold to 2 bolt amal adaptor.

From the late 40ís through the early 70ís and beyond most all British, American, and European carburetors have been of similar types. Whether itís an early Amal Type 6, or a Linkert, or a late Amal concentric, they all function basically the same. The major difference between American carburetors and those on British and European bikes, is that for the most part American carburetors have used a butterfly valve rather than a slide/needle to meter the air/fuel above idle.

Reference Photographs

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